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Popups get cut off with long texts

Hi everyone,
When there is a long text on our popups, they get cut off at the bottom of the bubble app page. Our page height however is already 1600, so not sure whether increasing its size would be the only way how to fix that going forward? Has someone faced a similar issue in bubble and has an idea how to fix it?

Any help or resources about that issue are appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey @ap11 :wave:

Thanks for the post! This one’s a little difficult to make suggestions for without seeing it, but a couple things you can try. First, have you made sure expand to fit content is checked for the text? And, is there room between the bottom of the text element and the popup? You want Bubble to both expand the text element and also preserve the padding between it and the bottom of the popup for it to be handled accordingly.

We might be able to share some other ideas if you’d like to put together a quick demo and shoot us a link. You can email us directly at [email protected]

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