Vertical scrolling glitch on mobile

I’m having a weird glitch when scrolling on mobile. Its a popup on top of a Ext. Vertical Scrolling repeating group. How do I prevent scrolling?


I did everything exactly like it said, but it still scrolls.

I go to the mobile website and my computer, and the scrolling freeze works. It just won’t work on my phone.

hmm i noticed the same too,
Im not currently working on this section on my app right now
check stack overflow, you should be able to find something. , ,
Scroll is for mouse, you want to use touchstart & touchmove

alternatively you could collapse/Hide a parent group of your repeating group.
I will probably do that, and not use float or pop up, just use a standard normal group for mobile.


I got it working somewhat using this javascript by shrinking the page height to the viewport height. Now I just need to figure out how to reverse it once the popup is closed.

I dont think its very good to do that, you wont be able to have stretch to fit multiline input.

Twitter doesnt have floating group for new tweet.

We could probably help better if you put a link to your editor here (or send it in the DMs).

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