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Position of pop-up when mobile keypad appears

Hi All,

I don’t see any controls on how will app behave on mobile when the keypad shows up. Are there some controls or guidelines for those?

I am facing one problem where my pop-up which was in centre originally, moves to the left of the screen when keypad appears and remains there even when keypad is removed.

How to fix this?

Here’s how it shows up initially.

Then when keypad shows up, it moves to the left.

When keypad is removed, it remains to the left.

I realised that this is because of the zoom issue of iOS.

iOS zooms the page when input text has small font size. There are many threads on this issue. I’ll check those out and see what is the right solution.

PS: In all its glory of being UX centric, Apple forgot to unzoom the page back to original after user is done giving the input!

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