Possible API Connector bug?

Hello, I’m receiving the following error from the API connector when attempting to initialize a PATCH and POST operation.

Here is a screenshot of the error: https://imgur.com/a/Z2k4n5B
Here is the body JSON which I attempt to send to my server: { "Emails": { "@type": "Emails", "@set": [ { - Pastebin.com
Here is a screenshot of the API connector settings: https://imgur.com/a/f0Dh6lL

NOTE: This same operation works in postman, with the identical body JSON, it doesn’t seem to work in bubble no matter what I provide in the body.

As you can see, the object I attempt to send is pretty complicated and has many arrays within it. I couldn’t find anything similar online therefore I assume it’s either a bug or a syntax error on my side or a server error (I doubt because postman works just fine).

If anyone could offer some help that would be very much appreciated,
Thank you!

So the error returned by the API is not super specific about what the problem is exactly, but it looks like a case of a malformed body. In this case, what I would do:

  • Try minifying the JSON to see if that makes any difference
  • Inspect the network request made by Bubble (when you click “Initialize Call”) to see if there’s anything off there
  • Make the exact same request to an API I own and see what the request sent by the Bubble server looks like on the receiving end

Her Progressier, thanks for the help.
• I tried minifying the JSON → same issue
• I inspected the network request, it is a little more detailed but generally the same 1 error: {"error_class":"OwnerError","args":{"code":"1639402021922x622113858924676000"}," - Pastebin.com - it does mention something with OwnerError which caught my attention
• I made a request to an test API, it received the following request: PATCH /test/1 HTTP/1.1Host: ucf-test.requestcatcher.comAccept-Encoding: gzip - Pastebin.com - it looks identical to the JSON body in bubble.

Some news?