Bubble has broken existing API connection behavior

API connecter has broken it’s previous, existing behavior

API calls now rewrite requests, breaking calls

We have calls that make a request to some url:

This has worked perfectly for the past year.

Now bubble is changing the url params of these calls, so that the actual request is different and no longer works.

Logs show that the previus api calls are being now sent as api.example.com/api/payments?expand=data.customer

note the missing []

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Guessing bubble created this bug when they fixed this other api connector issue:

This breaks any custom api calls to Stripe that use Stripe’s expand parameter Expanding responses | Stripe Documentation

I’ve filed a report Bug report #22681

@bubble this is urgent as it changes the existing behavior of API calls in bubble.

@jjj230 I think i need to recheck my API’s now
I don’t understand why bubble gives this kind of surprises :man_facepalming:

Thanks a lot :pray:

@sam.morgan please fix this…

Hello - we are deploying a fix for this right now. Sorry for the inconvenience here.

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