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Possible to create account with phone number and login with one time pass code?

Hello, I would like to have a web app that utilizes a phone number as the username and then a passcode that is generated on the fly as the password.

I did some research and it appears you can use a phone number as the user name but an email would need to be appended to it such as [email protected]

I am wondering if we have any flexibility over the password aspect of a user’s account in Bubble so that instead of a typical password, a “passcode” would be generated for one-time use and sent as an SMS to allow them to log in.

The end goal would be:

  1. User enters phone number into an input field
  2. User clicks the button “Generate Access Code”
  3. Workflow kicks off and if a User is found for that phone number, the Passcode is updated with a random string
  4. Random string is texted to the phone number
  5. Random string is entered and allows the user to login and access their profile

I figured out a way to make this work. It isn’t exactly as I described above with an access code but it will work for my use case.

You can use the “Sign the user up” workflow. For the email pass the phone number and append (ex. [email protected]) and set the password as a random string.

Then you can send a magic login link whenever they want to login, they will just need to enter their phone number.


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