Login user using phone number only

I’m looking to create something requiring user account creation only using phone number - exactly like whatsapp. First time the number can be verified via a verification text. I don’t want users to create an account using email and password. What’s the best way to go about this ?

One way I thought was to create a dummy email and password for every user based on their number for bubble purposes without the user seeing or entering it. But how do I ensure that user doesn’t get logged out (so I don’t need to verify again & again for user to login).


Hello @gaurav
Am having the same issue of using phone number to create user account?
Did you get the solution to this problem.
Help please.

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Any update? I am also tackling this project, but it seems like the only way is using an external database.

oh yeah i just created another input (hidden) field where i added my own web domain to users’s phone number to create a user email. That was a pretty simple workaround :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure I understand. Can you provide some more detail? Many thanks.


Will that not lead a case where anyone who knows a verified phone number can log in to the account ? Or that will not be the case ?

Precisely the reason you use 2-factor aurhenticaton if user is logged out. Check out the neutrino plugin from airdev. That should allow you to send a verification code to phone number.

could you please explain the mobile number login without using email.?

Hello @gaurav, I’m just starting out with Bubble and I’m looking create accounts this same way. Were you able to figure out a way without using email and password? I need help with it. Thanks in advance.