Possible to join two databases into the same value?

Hi Everyone,

I have a app that has a few tables:

  • Company info
  • Portfolio(list of company info)
  • PredictedValue
  • ActualValue.

I’m able to check for actual values and if not avail, display a predicted value but for reporting I’m not sure how to make it choose one over the other.

Say I want to do a report of sales. I have some that are actual and some that are predicted, but for reporting, I want a report that combines both of them. For my simple example, a report can be a number of total sales for all companies in a portfolio.

Let me know if this isn’t clear, but if it is, then Is it possible to do this?

How are you pulling this report? Via a repeating group?

There may be an easier way to do this, but I’d setup a repeating group with both values, then use RG Tools (paid plugin) to pull that data and formulate whatever equation you need. You could also use conditional logic in your input cells to make sure you’re getting the correct info.

I’m not envisioning exactly what you’re trying to do, so it’s hard to give specific help. Maybe some screen shots, or an public view only link would help if you’re still stuck?

Thank you for the speedy reply Greg!

I’ll give those options a try. To put simply and use another example, say I have a list(portfolio table) of people(people table), for each person who reports their age, I store it(ActualAge Table) and for those that do not report I predict(PredictedAge Table).

I am using a textbox that I’m conditionally displaying(right now, if predicted has a number then I’m displaying it, but eventually I’d like to display predicted only if ActualAge results do not exist for each user in my repeating group does not exist).

At the bottom of the page, I want to have something like, average age which takes each person’s age(predicted or actual, whatever is avail) and display the average of it.

Does that make sense? I might be butching this explaination.

I’ve been trying to use math.js and figured I would try to add up all the actualAges and add up all the predicted, then combine them to create a average. Another roadblock I’m hitting is I can access data points in my repeating group but not the items that I search for.

I take the people’s table and create a repeating group, then within each group, search for that user in my predicted and actual tables to display the results.

Here’s a crazy thought: In all input fields you have an initial content, and placeholder content. Could you not utilize those by using PredictedAge in the placeholder and ActualAge in the Initial Content?

Maybe that’s too crazy.

I’d also explore using one Age field instead of two, with a YES / NO modification for either Predicted or Actual age. That make sense? So Age = 34 Predicted = yes. Then you can do your math accordingly.

I’m working on an estimate building app and I’m doing a TON of math in it, so I get your frustration, I’m just don’t have my head wrapped around your goal yet.

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