Selecting list data based on another list


So I am banging head against the wall trying to figure out how to display the correct information from the database and I am praying one of the experts here can show me how it’s done.

The problem is this: I am building a site that collects data from a form and then based on that data selects users from the database. At the same time it stores a new “lead” which shows which users were selected and also logs the estimates put forward. The estimates and user information of those shown in the repeating group are saved as lists in a single database entry.

What I need help with is how to show the correct estimate on the user’s dashboard when displaying past results. Everything else is fine, but the one problem I can’t figure out is how to select the correct estimate based on the user who it applies to.

One of the things I tried was to store the User ID in the list next to the estimate and then put on a constraint to only show the estimate that contains this ID and then regex out the correct part. But that doesn’t work.

I’ve included some screenshots to show illustrate my problem better.

The first screenshot shows the input field which I want to populate the value from the list.

The second screenshot show the table where the estimate should be displayed on the dashboard.

The Third screenshot shows a database entry.

Any help will be hugely appreciated as I am really stuck on this!

Hi just wanted to bump this as I am still not able to figure out the problem.

Can you post up what your table (data type) structure looks like ?

Hi Nigel

Please see below image:

The issue with having “List of Numbers” and “List of Texts” instead of a list of another data type (which is what most people would do) is exactly as you are discovering. Hard to search.

It sounds like what you really need to do is create a new data type to hold these related pieces, and then have a list of THAT on you lead.

In the long run it will make it easier.

I’m not sure I understand the advice you’re giving there. What would the data type by exactly?

The only way I can see to do it is to get it create a new separate lead for each listing, but the problem with this is that it takes about 30 secs + to create the data on the server, which is too long.

Is there no way of selecting an item on one list based on the position of an item on a different list?