Comparing multiple items in one list against another list

Ok, so I am trying to display a result of employees. I have 2 tables “Skills” and “Employee”. In the Employee table I have a field that is a “list of Skills”. I am trying to figure out a way to show this in a repeating group that will show all the skills on the left column, and the 2+ employees in the other columns to the right of it. I just want to show a yes/no or icon (checkmark) if those skills listed match the Skills in the first column.

It could be a Yes/no or a 1/0 response, I would like to be able to add up the totals for each at the bottom to see which employee is best equiped for specific jobs.

Skills - Employee1 - Employee2 - Employee3
Word - Yes - No - Yes
Excel - Yes - Yes - No
HTML - No - No - Yes
Total - 2 - 1 - 2

You’re actually going to need 3 repeating groups here!

Let’s start,
So first of all, skills should be an option set. So if you don’t have that as an option set yet, make that your first step.
If the “list of skills” in the Employee Data type isn’t a list of Skills options (not data type), make that your second change.

  1. Now for the repeating group skills to the left, you want the data source to be the Skills options set. You place a text element in there that is the option’s display.

  2. The Repeating group to the right should have data source employee. Give it the proper constraints.

  3. Within that repeating group, you’ll have a repeating group with data source “Skills” option set. In that repeating group you should add a checkmark icon that is not visible on page load. In that icon’s conditions, you say, if current cell’s employee’s “Skills” contains current cells Skill option, this icon is visible.

The reason we use a skills option set is because if you use a skills data type, the order of the skills is going to be very different for each employee. This could represent false information. Because you used the skills option set at the left, AND used it within the repeating group, the order is going to be the same for all employees.

The total would be a group inside the employee repeating group (not the skills repeating group) right below the skills repeating group. You would just have a text in there that is Current cell’s employee’s Skills :count.

Try it out and let me know,


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Thanks, I am trying to wrap my head around all that you said. Will let you know when I get it figured out. Many thanks!!!