POST API call not displaying its "type of content" in the element editor of a group/repeating group

Hello, when using the API Connector to make a POST Call, the type of content of the API call displays without problem in the element editor of a group or repeating group.
Now, working on creating a new plugin, with the same API call, the same values, all set to an action, and well initialized but I can’t find the type of content in the element editor.

Would you mind identifying the source of this problem?

Some screenshots;

Paraphrase” type of content visible with the API call from the API Connector

After installing my test plugin in development with the same API call from the API Connector, Paraphrase” type of content is not visible in the element editor

Is your API call in the plugin definitely set to “Data” rather than action?

No mate, they’re all set to actions

problem solved!

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