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POST Data to external API

Hello bubblers,
i installed the Plugin API Connector, defined the external API and also a “create customer” POST Call.
Initializing was successfull. Now i like to send Data from a bubbleForm to this POST Call and can’t figure out how to do that. This question was may answered before but i can’t find anythink what solves my Problem here in the Forum.

Hope my english wasn’t that bad :wink:

Thank you in advance for your help and ideas.
Happy to be here,

Hi Tomas , Usually you should pass the data with parameters on the post call.
Check the API documentation to see which parameters it’s expecting and pass it via the API connector.

Hi Sivan,
didn’t get it. I think there should be something in the Button “onclick”-Workflow (like creating a thing in the local Database) that gives me the possibility to sent the values to the specified keys in the defined API. These should be used when the POST Call is made. In the end the Data will be send to the external System.

BUT i can’t find anything in the Workflow which allows me to do that or am i on the wrong track?

First you have to initials the call with the parameters and get the response and then it will show in the actions (or data) possibilities.


Use as “ACTION” … sometimes it can be sooooo easy :wink:

Thank you very very much! It works … yeah!

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np , good luck

Is this documented in Bubbles reference? anyway MEGA THANX Siv

Hi friend, Do you have any example to view how to trigger this api in a workflow? thanks for the answer