Is it possible to POST Api call to external service?

Hi all

This is the workflow:

User fills in a form, with some basic information + a file.
On button click I’d like to send this (POST) information with the actual file to an external API.

I’ve built the API connection with the Bubble API Connector, and it’s working fine, and initiated and returned the correct 200 success code from the external service. What I can’t figure out, is how to make this POST call via the button click in Bubble.

Any guidance appreciated.


in the API connector select POST from the dropdown post

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Thank you for your reply @Bubbleboy. Apologies, I might not have explained myself correctly.

So I’ve setup the POST API call, in the API Connector.

What I can’t figure out, is how to trigger that ‘post’ call to send the data to an external service in a work flow / Bubble UI.

e.g. User fills in form, attaches file then clicks ‘Send’ and the workflow then sends this form data via the API to the external service.

I think you should use add/edit workflow on the Send button. In the workflow section you can say when send button is clicked…

Then you can find the action event to call the API you configured. You can map de values the API needed using the values from the input fields in your form.