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POST to API using binary

I’m working with an API that requires file data to be sent as binary. I have tried using the file converter plugin to convert to binary and then the API Connector plugin to sent but can’t figure out how to send it to the API as a POST properly as I continually get an error.

I’ve attached below how I have it set up in Bubble.



Brandon, would you be able to post the error you receive on this (if you haven’t already figured this out)? A long while back I was trying to send binary very similarly to Wrike - A project management tool. I didn’t get as far as you did though. I could never get it to send like it would using Postman.

Hey Brandon - Had a breakthrough here. What you need to do is to not use the binary “converter”. What you need to do is change the “Body type” of your call to “Form-data”. Then, the value of the key becomes the actual image. Make sure to check “Send file”. This will allow you to send the file through the API!

P.S. Disregard the X-File-Name stuff… I was literally throwing darts and seeing which one hit the board haha.

I tried to get it to work but unfortunately I get the following error:

Since it is Status 500, it seems like something may be wrong with the link you are trying to POST to. That’s an odd one…

I spoke to the developers of the API I’m posting to and they said it’s because the data needs to be sent as binary and apparently it’s not currently with Bubble.

Dang :confused: unfortunately unsure of what else to do on this one then. Hopefully someone else will have some suggestions or a course of action to take.