Sending Binary Data

I’m trying to send a video file via an API request which requires the file sent as binary data.

How do I send binary data through Bubble’s API connector?

I’ve tried using the ‘encoded in Base64’ option, as well as using Zeroqode’s File convert plugin, using both Binary and Base64 convert options, and the putting the encoded output directly in the API request body.

But so far, the file doesn’t seem to be sending correctly - at least it’s not being accepted at the other end (the data is transmitted but the file is not being accepter) so I’m assuming that the binary data s not being sent in the correct way.

I’ve been trying over a week to get this to work, so any hep would be very much appreciated.


I’m also having the same problem

Hi @adamhholmes , did you find a solution for this? I am trying to send an audio .ogg file as binary data through the API connector but have not found any way to do it.

Any help would be appreciated!

FileToBinary by GhostCodes Plugin | Bubble

Hopefully this works out for you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It seems like it would do the trick but I need it as a backend workflow

@pachocastillosr unfortunately no, I never pursued this challenge as I found alternative methods for my specific use case.

So I’m afraid I can’t help you on this one…

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I recently added Download server- and client-side actions to the Element Monitors utility plugin. Though these actions are designed to download files, you can use them to convert base64 string into a binary string by providing data URL as a source.
I didn’t test those actions in a wide variety of scenarios, my primary use case is downloading images, so if you find any bugs that you need to be fixed, just let me know.
For the server-side action the setup is quite simple: Invoke Download action and reference its Data, MIME Type or Error Message values. An Error Message is empty if download was successful, otherwise it contains…, you know what.

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Hey guys. I’ve updated it to work with server-side actions now as well! :slight_smile:

Just do something with the returned response (for the server-side version).

Client & server side! :slight_smile:

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