Postal Code Validation

Hey there,

I’m creating an app, where you can send a parcel (courier services).

We operate only in a city center and we want to verify if the address is correct before creating new shipment in shipments database.

I’ve uploaded valid postal codes to a separate data base in format XX-XXX and XXXXX.|

I’m struggling to set up a conditional (or anything), that would:

  • display error message, when postal code is not in the zone,
  • create a new thing in shipments database, if the code is in the zone.

It would be awesome, if the “Send shipment” button would only be clickable, if the postal code from the input is in the zone.

Any help will be much appreciated!


Create a thing called “postal code” with a title (text) for the actual code
Populate the database with all needed entries
Set up an input element of type text and the button that triggers the action you want with the inputs value which should be a code entered by a user
Set up a hidden popup that you never open and place an RG called “var - codes” there (var stands for variable)
Set up the RG data source with a search for codes with a constraint for title = input code value
Set the button to be hidden (or unclickable).
Set a condition in the button to be visible and clickable when “var codes postal codes count > 0”

Hope this helps :+1:t2: