Validation if ZIP code is in service area based on list of ZIP codes

Hi I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

I want to build a small validation before my customers can book a transport.

Therefore users should enter a ZIP code into an input form and before being able to get to the next page it needs to be checked if the ZIP code is inside the service area. To define the service area I want to use a list of ZIP codes in the database by bubble.

Really looking forward if any one can help me!

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Hi @carsten
It’s quite easy
First you need to create an option set like this

Then click on “Modify attributes” then add value in zip code

If going to next page is via any button
Then add this condition to button

or any group needs to displayed after the value is filled.
Then you can add condition like this


Thank you so much for your fast reply. Does this work if I have roughly 30 different ZIP codes that are allowed in one city?

How would this work? In your example is “just” one ZIP code.

Hope you can assist me here again :slight_smile:

I cannot add the condition for the button mmh

Please watch this video

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Also, if this app would be for the US, you could perhaps utilize the USPS Zipcode API to accomplish this?

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