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If user sends to a user an email through the app, we use our default registered email to send, but then to reply, how to set up for each user to get another’s user email to reply to?

Ps. Each user has two emails, if default (linkedin email) is not true, to send to custom contact email, hence formating the text (which works).


Sorry, I’m confused on what your question is, specifically:

Who are you wanting the reply-to be? The current user who sent the message through your platform?

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Thanks for the response here @johnny.

We have multiline input where USER1 can send email to a USER2, by using our organizational company email registered at Postmark.

As the idea is for USERs to continue their conversation through their emails, it would be great if we can set up the “Reply to” option at the Postmark plugin for each user to (by clicking on the reply button in their email provider" to Reply to: USER1 or USER2 email, depending which user is.

Now, if we set up, Reply to: USER1 email,USER2 email > When USER1 clicks the button to reply, it adds the USER1 email to be replied to, but when USER2 clicks then is correct UX as it sets up the email to be replied to the USER1.

So this approach works, only for one user, depending which one is the first in the “Reply to” dynamic value.

Hope this helps and how we will be able to create such two way experience here.

So right now you have your reply-to set to whoever started the conversation within your app. Which means whenever the receiver of the email clicks “Reply” in their email client, the email it’ll be replying to is the user who started the conversation.

That’s your intended behavior right? If so, your expression looks correct, what’s the issue you’re having? That the reply-to header isn’t specified in your email and your sender email is where the replies are going?

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Yes, that is correct.

The issue is when sender receives the same email (once send, as both users receive the copy of the same initial email), and if Sender want to send a message before the recipient, maybe something is forgoten, etc., once the message is reviewed again, then Sender with the click to reply, it sets up to reply to the sender itself.

Point is how both, sender and recipient gets the same email copy, but in rare cases, sender replies before the initial recipient… :smiley:

Oooh I see! Is the sender and recipient receiving the same copy or are there two separate workflow actions sending two separate emails of the same content?

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Same copy. One workflow action via Postmark plugin. Now it’s up to us to work with Reply to: in particular I guess?

Ah gotcha and are both emails in the “To” field? Or how is the sender receiving their copy?

Here are some potential options:

  1. You can create two separate actions so that two separate emails are sent to the respective people. In one of the emails (the one the recipient is getting), specify the sender as the Reply-To. In the one the sender is getting, specify the recipient in the Reply-To

  2. You can specify both the sender and recipient email in the Reply-To field comma separated

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I am more interested in the 2nd way as you refered.

I have just tried again, to include both emails (First to be of the Sender, and second to be of the Recipient), and when the Recipient clicks to reply on the email provider, it sets to reply to the Recepient itself (only), and when Sender cliks to reply it sets to reply to the Sender itself and recipient, which is again not good UX, as the Sender if replied will get own reply and good side is how Recepient in this case will get reply as well.

In other example where the Recipient is the first email separated with comma by Sender’s email, Sender replys to self and the recipient, while Recipient replies to Recipient itself.

Could you test this on your end? Thanks!

Do something like this:

The result:


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It seems we don’t use the same Postmark plugin…

I am using from @vini_brito


And without the new beta Expression Composer feature.

Same thing – it shouldn’t make a difference


Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 04.50.16

What is the issue you’re having?

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Once again, the issue is when Recipent clicks to reply, email provider (gmail) doesn’t set up to reply to the Recipient, and when Sender clicks to reply it sets up to reply to both, where Sender gets own reply as well.

Sounds like you should just go with my first suggestion instead.

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Not appropriate, as we already have that implemented, would like to push toward this solution we are on the track. Does this one-email approach work for you in the another plugin if you can share?

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