Postmark integration for transnational emails

Hi guys,

Can someone please help me integrate Postmark for transnational emails or provide any tutorials or documentation so I can try to implement it myself.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Hey @Osaqur,

You can use @vini_brito’s Postmark plugin, or you can follow Postmark’s API documentation.

Thank you @johnny and @vini_brito

The plugin is amazing! Is there a way to use templates for transnational email?

That would require you to use the API connector and the Postmark documentation


Just like Johnny said above! But you can also paste HTML content in your email body and it would be as pretty as a template. It’s the same thing down the road :blush:


@Osaqur this is what I do with @vini_brito plugin and it works great!

I use Stripo to create my templates, send the template to Postmark then copy and paste the html in to the send email workflow and my emails look super!


Thank you guys - I actually managed to do the API integration, it was not as difficult as it thought.

Appreciate the help!

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