Postmark Send Attachment

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Anyone know what we are doing wrong? The same issue is coming up again like this post. Postmark Email Attach File - PLEASE HELP

@johnny @vini_brito

We are using the Postmark Plugin by @vini_brito and can’t figure out if we need to send the url a different way or something. We do see that the url is being transformed for some reason. Adding an extra http// for some reason. Maybe it’s that?

Let us know. I think I might have an idea to fix it. I will do some testing.

This seems like the solution. I did a very specific test to double check my theory. I actually had to remove the https: for it to work. This is exactly the opposite of what I thought I would have to do. Weird.

In conclusion, I will just use the API connector instead since I won’t have to worry about this sort of thing. :blush:

Now to figure out how to send ics files along with it.

:sweat_smile: I don’t think I’ve ever tried to send attachments using Postmark via the API connector or just at all

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No worries. I have done attachments before using the API connector and Postmark. :+1: Just thought I would use the plugin to speed things up a bit. Thanks. :blush: