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Postmark plug-in dynamic text

Hi I’m able to send data through the postmark plugin but is doesn’t send dynamic text. Anyone knows how I should do this? Thanks!!

Which postmark plugin?

I use this one Rich Postmark emails Plugin | Bubble

And you can definitely send dynamic text through.

Thanks! I’ve tried both of the plug-ins.
I add dynamic text in the body of the email and it only sends the manual text… not sure how I get this working

Maybe you aren’t sending the right data in to the workflow?

If the right data isn’t being sent in to the plugin it can’t know the values of the data.

Check that the appropriate value is actually in ‘email potential buyer’s value’ and ‘parent group’s content’s title’.

You might not have those set up correctly to have data coming through those dynamic values.

Thanks! Where would I have to set this up? They dynamic data comes from the group content.

Have you checked your privacy rules?

Where can I do that and what should they be?

In your privacy settings.

Settings are set public. So that should be ok.

Flow is:

  1. From a listing I have a button which open the popup box.
  2. In the popup box I let a user fill out an email address
  3. In the workflow I use the Postmark plugin and in the body field I add the (dynamic) popup input field email address to be added the the email that will be sent
  4. Add the title of the listing where someone clicked ont he button to be added to the email as well.
    But the title of the listing is not added to the email. It also looks like that the workflow takes the ‘parentgoup’ from the popup box and not the listing. I think there is the error coming from So I need to understand how to grab the title of the listing and not something from the popup box.

Same flow but explained differently:

  • button is in group content
  • When click the popup opens
  • The popup had an email input where a user can add email address
  • When button in popup is clicked I want the email input + title of the group content (listing) to be send (to a predefined email address)
  • The sent email contains only the popup input and not the listing title.

Anyone got ideas? @equibodyapp ?

There’s a few ways to get the data:

  1. you can either get the data the same way you are getting it to display in the listing element (page/group/repeating group - whichever way you have done it) and use that source instead of ‘parent group’.

  2. you can use the element that you are displaying the content in itself - say it’s called Group Listing…you would call ‘Group Listing’s Thing’s field’

  3. you can display the correct data in the popup by setting the data type of the popup to be the data type, leave the source blank. Then in your workflow to display the popup add a step called ‘display data’ and then call your source using option 1 or 2 above. Then you can use either ‘parent group’s thing’ (unless the button is in a group inside the popup, then you have to set that group’s source first) OR Popup X’s thing as your data source for the dynamic data in your emails.

Just a note for you: ‘Parent Group’ is referring to the group that element is in - so you always need to check these are set up correctly. Sometimes you might have the data type set but not the source.

So say you have a page, then a group A within that page, then you have a group B within that group A that a button is in…you have to start at the page and make sure that source is coming in correctly, then you have to make sure Group A’s source is coming in correctly, then Group B’s before you can use the Button’s parent group’s source for data…if that makes sense :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this detailed answer!

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