Postmark Email to Users WITHOUT Needing Plugin?

Hi all!

I am fairly new to APIs and such, but in my implementation/integration of Postmark with Bubble’s API Connector, I am wondering how/where ya’ll are putting your user’s email address dynamically?

I am going through Postmark to send transactional emails to my users, so I need a way to dynamically include my user’s email. In the Bubble API terminal, however, it’s requiring an actual email address in these fields, whereas I want to dynamically insert my user’s email addresses. I am really hoping to not have to use a plugin to achieve this.

Has anyone successfully achieved this and can share your solution?

You want to dynamically have the emails come from the Current user’s email address?

Also you just need to put a sample (valid email in your Postmark Sending Signatures) in that box so you can test and initialize the API call.

It’s when you go to use the API call in your app is when you would dynamically fill in the value. But it’s not so easy cause you can’t just impersonate a user without proper setup :sweat_smile:

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When you are on the API connector screen you can “initiate” the API call and it will run once with the data you provide as the “value”.

When you are editing a page, and want to use that call in a workflow, you can put dynamic values.

Hope that clarifies! It should work as you have it set up.

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When you call this API during any of your workflows, Bubble will ask you to fill all parameteres that are not Private. So you will be able to insert your variables as you want.

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I want to send TO my users using a dynamic merge code FROM my company email address.

Oh okay much easier than what I thought where you wanted to send on-behalf of users.

Like everyone said those value boxes are just for initializing the API call, you can dynamically fill in the FROM and TO addresses when you do the API call action in your app (Make sure it is setup as Action not Data)

Oooh, gotcha. That’s kinda confusing, but I get it. Thank you everyone!

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So, I have figured out how to dynamically send emails to my users on the Bubble workflow end, but because an email address is required in the terminal for initializing the API call, I am getting a copy of every email my users generate. Is there a way around this?