Potential bug? :sum not working properly

Anyone experiencing this issue?

I have some cart functionality that runs two calculations. One for the total sum of the product prices:

and one for the sum of the deposits for each item

In both cases you can see that the sum isn’t working (it isn’t including the second value). The above is done through custom workflows.

When I populated the same value in a text field, I get the expected result (sum works properly)

My workflow was working fine before this release which caused a bunch of bugs. Could it be related to this?
Custom workflow Bug [not found: properties.Workflow Thing]: - Bugs - Bubble Forum

Yes, it could very well be related to this recently announced feature.

First, resolve any issues in the issue checker. If there are none or if that doesn’t help, then I would suggest submitting a formal bug report.

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Thanks. Yah I have no issues. I have submitted a bug report

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