Problem with Cart sum when i've decimal

Hi all, i’m a new Bubble, i’ve buy a template and modify him to have that i want but i’ve problem with the checkout.

When have any number wih decimal my sum is wrong, but if haven’t decimal’s numbers the sum is ok.
I don’t unterstand why and how solde this problem.
If you need some informations, I stay at your disposal.
Thanks for your time.

Yes, we need more information…

Maybe some specific details about the way you’re calculating the price, your workflows, and page settings etc…

and some screenshots might help (or a read only link to your editor if you want some much quicker help).

I’ll come back to you with this information while I gather it all.
Thanks :+1:

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Another anormal case:
He think cart is 0

But if i checked Delivery

For the ReadOnly Link, how i need to do exactly? Just switch this checkbox?

But in the images you shared with us, both sums are right in the App :rofl:


How are you calculating the ‘total_with_tax’s value’?..

Have modify the formula for test and beacause don’t need tax

First thing I’d do is check in the debugger to see what’s going on…

Obviously the way you’re calculating that value is wrong… so the debugger will help to show you where the error is…

So I’d start there and try to trace the issue…

Yes in the app is always good, but in my data, i don’t have the good Sum.

Now is just when i choice “Livraison” (Delivery) have problem, i don’t know how, but now with “A retirer sur place” (Pick-up) all is good :sweat_smile:

Thanks, I’ll start looking there.

Probably a rookie mistake, these are my first steps in this field and my shitty English doesn’t help me. I am not yet familiar with all the tools

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I managed to get the right result even if I didn’t really solve the basic problem, let me explain:

I bypassed the tax calculation step (total_with_tax & total_with_tax_delivery) because I don’t need it and I just retrieve the information directly from the source.