Praise for Zeroqode's RG to CSV plugin 😍

Praise should be given in public, my mother taught me. In this case, I must give the guys at Zeroqode, @levon @ZeroqodeSupport @vladlarin some well-deserved praise for their magical plugin.

I have a fairly custom RG with date filters and search. I needed to give my users the ability to export the data being seen:

I tried quite a few plugins and Bubble’s built in solution, none worked (out of the box, at least). I hooked up ZQ’s RG to CSV plugin, and with a few clicks, got it exporting the table just as the user sees it.

Impressive work guys, thanks for greatly extending Bubble’s powers as usual!

Tips for making it work:
A few things are not stated in their plugins page tutorial, so here’s some clarification in case you need this solution.

  • You need to add the element “rg-to-csv” to your page located under inputs for some reason
  • When doing the action “Download CSV rg-to-csv”, the download link with be an exposed state of the rg-to-csv element
  • Get the link from that element either as a URL or via a button that navigates to an external site, like this:

That’s it!


Thank you @alejandrowunderlich this is so kind of you!
Really glad our plugin was of a help
Muchas Gracias! :pray:



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@levon @vladlarin @ZeroqodeSupport

Guys, you know what would make this plug in 200x more awesome than it’s current level of pure awesomeness? Have it export the entire list, not just what’s loaded. (I have to scroll to load all entries before exporting to get all the data)

Is this possible?

Hello @alejandrowunderlich

Thanks for reaching out! Currently it is a requirement to load all entries in Repeating Group on page in order for them to be exported.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to export entire list of entries w/o being loaded in RG since the plugin will parse the values of what was loaded.
An idea would be to use Full List for Repeating Group and load entries on page at once.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for understanding.

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I totally understand. I know Bubble comes with its own limitations. Would be great, but I get it.

Here’s another tip on how to get it done via WF instead of “scrolling”. Scrolling isn’t great for some of my users who have up to 300 entries in that RG so loading a full list is pretty crazy:

  1. When “download csv” is clicked, scroll to the final entry in that RG
  2. Pause for 10 seconds (make sure you show a loader for good UX)
  3. Trigger the Download CSV plugin

This is working great. A little hacky. A little dirty. A little nasty. But works!