Zeroqode Repeating group to CSV plugin Captions issue and Missing data

I am using the Zeroqode Repeating group to CSV plugin and running into 2 issues:

I cannot get the captions to come into the export. Just leaves a blank line. See below for what I have, if that helps:

If I choose to manually enter the titles, they appear.

ALSO, it seems to be dropping 3 columns (Client, Project, Description). I cannot figure out why this would happen.

Hello, @davidb2

Let us check the issue you’ve encountered here and offer an update on the matter.
It may take some, so please bear with us here.

Zeroqode Team.

Hi David! It’s hard for me to tell from the image, but I want to ask if your headings were contained within individual groups or if they are just text fields for each heading title?

I only ask because I started using this plugin Thursday and had the same issue. The grouping has been in my head as a potential issue but I haven’t been able to test it out yet.

They are text fields within a group.

Hello @davidb2.

Sorry for a delayed response, tested out the plugin as in your use case.

  1. Not sure why, but using just text element in one group for the plugin to export as caption it can’t, strange though we’ll see what it can be done.
    However as a workaround you could see our demo setup page:
    which consists of captions. We did setup a lil different, every text element is placed in individual groups and all the groups are inside one big group, I understand it may be not convenient and strange creating this kind of structure design but it should work.

  2. As for the second issue, I may presume there is no data source placed for the RG, or maybe the fields are empty in DB. Could you please check that.

Please try these tips and tell us if that worked. Thanks for understanding.

ZQ Team.

I’ll need to check issue 1, but can work around by entering manually for now.
I figured out Issue 2 and posting here for others that may need help:

You cannot have the ‘Cut off content’ option checked. Once I unchecked it, the data came through to this plugin.

I’d also suggest adding ':trimmed" to text field data, as when I left this out, some of my data had odd characters trailing my data.

Hope that might help others.

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That is actually what I had to do to make it work. The plugin requires me to place each text element within an individual group. It’s a little annoying, but honestly it could be worse! The plugin seems to be working well with this.

I’m curious though if there if your team could add an automatic download option instead of requiring the click of the link.

@Josh10 and others needing help. I asked a similar question. They had informed me to do the following to get the file to download automatically without having to click on a link. Works easily…

Would be helpful if they had a doc listing all these things instead of everyone figuring this out each time. Maybe they do have this,but I missed it. Anyway, very helpful plugin. Even works when data is filtered, returning only the filtered records.

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Agreed 100% . They make really good plugins, but I normally spend a bit of time figuring out each one. If I were them, I would just start linking the threads from the Bubble forum under their app in the meantime while we wait for additional guides.

Thanks guys for the discussion and for helping each other out.
we opened a ticket to fix some little issues and to create a documentation for this plugin. Our roadmap for this year is to make docs and demo pages where they are missing. At least for the more complex plugins.
Thanks for all your support!

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@davidb2 That solution you gave worked perfectly! I am able to get it downloaded and I actually didn’t know about the pause before next action option. Thanks!

Hi All, we have updated the plugin with some improvements (some of them were discussed above) please upgrade the plugin version and give it a try

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also, we have put together this simple documentation that should help with plugin setup:

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