Pre-fill input field with data after button click

Hi folks, surprised I haven’t been able to figure this out or find out how to do it.

Specifically, I have Input Company Name and RichTextInput Company Details. I also have Button Load and Button Save.

I’d like to be able to type a company into Input Company Name, hit Button Load, and have RichTextInput Company Details get filled with a database entry.

Button Save is the easy part, no problems there.

I know I can pre-populate an input on page load with Initial Content, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to populate an Input field within a workflow / action (i.e. after a button click).

Am I missing something obvious?


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If you set the Initial Content to read from the item’s custom state, and then set the state on the button click, that should do it.

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Hey @david17, thanks for the reply. I’m not having luck finding out how to “read from the item’s custom state”. Can you point me at something that helps me understand this concept?

If you click the (i) on the element in the top right corner, you can add “custom states”. This state can have a default or be set at any other point in the session.

As long as you have not edited the input (that’s when the initial content is disregarded), the input’s value will be the value of the state.