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Set content for Input by workflow action

It would be nice if I could set the initial content for Input fields through workflow, specifically in reusable elements. My current workaround is to not use a reusable element and set the initial content for the popup based on a State, but now I have multiple elements to maintain instead of just one reusable element.

For example, I want to create a reusable popup to create a Contact and use it for different purposes.

  • Purpose 1: all fields are blank on popup and the user can fill them out (i.e. create a new contact).
  • Purpose 2: fields are prepopulated on popup based on something on the page. (i.e. create contact from email, which would populate the email address field from the email that it was trigger on).

Purpose 2 would work easily if I could set the value for the input through workflow. Right now I can only “set focus” or “reset inputs”.


Hey Keith,

Just making sure you know you could extend your workaround to also set the input value of a reusable element through custom states. You set a custom state on the popup though, not the input element. Then within the popup, point the input element to the custom state that is on the popup itself. This way the custom state is visible from inside the reusable, and from the page the reusable sits on.

Gosh we need this.

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More than 4 years later still nothing like this can be found. If you have a multi-step form with 50+ fields you’d need to setup a ton of rules, states etc in order to get this little functionality.

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Yes I can’t believe they still don’t have a straight forward way to deal with this. Surely we are missing something here…

Why can’t you set a condition on the input that evaluates a state that gets manipulated in a workflow?

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