Pre-loading data from API?

Hi There,

I’m using a API for my site but it’s really slow so I’m thinking of preloading the data into my bubble database to avoid the slow API results. I would basically have a list of identifiers and then query a API endpoint to update each item in the DB.

Is there a way to query a API then load it into a DB, then schedule it?

Schedule an API workflow that creates list of things and get data from the API. You need paid plan for this.

Thank you, I’ll play with it and update with my finding.

I’m interested to see if it updates or adds the data again.

Thanks for your help @shpak.serhiy

I think where I’m confused is I am not sure how to structure my usecase in the workflow -
I have a table with a list of stock tickers/ID’s, For each ticker, I want to go to my API and update the data in the API.

I’m trying to make changes to a list but I’m getting errors when I’m trying to change the list, it’s saying the value I want to change to is not a list it’s a text.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: