Spotify & Apple Music Pre-save

Has anyone created a bubble app that allows a user to login with Spotify and then pre-saves the album to their account?

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For Spotify you will need to use OAuth2 to allow a user to login with Spotify.
This link should point you in the right direction

After that you can use the Spotify Web API allow interactions between Spotify and your Bubble app.
The Spotify Web API is Rest based so you can use the Bubble API Connector to connect with it easily.

The link below should help you in understanding the Spotify Web API


Hey could you find a solution for your pre save on spotify? Im searching for some help for this specific task.


hey Bubblers, this thread went a different direction as was meant I guess.
The author probably wanted to ask if there is away how to offer the users of my app the pre save unreleased tracks on spotify.
This is something Im interested in as well… :slight_smile: