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Pre Sign-up Onboarding -> Sign Up

I want to build a sign-up experience where the user adds some personal information/ preferences, then saves it to a database before having to sign-up (email, password) and subsequently logged in. Once the user signs up, the previously entered information should be stored in the database as part of the user’s profile. Can someone roughly point me in the right direction/ what I need to do?

Here are my thoughts, and it may not be the most efficient, but here is what comes to mind for me:

  • In your Register group, create all the custom states you need. From there, you can collect all the data, and store the data as a custom state just client side.

  • Once the account is registered, you can then set all the fields on registration from the custom states.

Hope this approach makes sense, and I can always clarify if needed.


Do you mind breaking it down step by step for someone brand new to Bubble? Thanks so much

It’s not a newbie process. But pay attention to your Jedi masters in the forum and you will fare well, young padawan. I would personally save the data, pass the unique if of that record to the login page through url parameters. Then on sign up, search for the relevant document and add the new owner to it!

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