Prebuilt connectors vs custom using api connector plugin


I’m about to start working on some integrations for a b2b app.

CRMs, accounting, project management and productivity type apps.

I’m coming across a lot of apps with pre-built connections, similar to zapier.

Does anyone have thoughts or experience using these over building out my own integrations using the api connector plugin?


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Hey Robbie,

Yeah definitely, the advantages of pre-built connections are that you will save time (by not building them yourself) and that they already have been used quite a lot, so no bugs (well, probably less bugs :grinning: ). A disadvantage can be that if you have a specific requirement, it might not be covered by the pre-built connections.

Hope this helps,

MVP Design

Thanks for the response on this.

Is there any pre-built connection apps you have worked with and recommend?

I’m looking at paragon and prismatic at the moment.


Also curious about this…