Preciso de ajuda com o grupo repetidor

Coloquei um grupo repetidor e coloquei uma imagem e um campo “texto” dentro do grupo repetidor, criei um cadastro e depois de feito o cadastro deveria aparecer os dados do usuário dentro do grupo repetidor, mas não está acontecendo, me ajudem, por favor.

Na primeira imagem é onde está o grupo repetidor, mas não está aparecendo nada, na segunda imagem é a privacidade (não sei se tem a ver)

Hi there, @kevyn.belo… you didn’t mention a data source for your repeating group, so I guess that’s the first question that comes to mind… does your repeating group have a data source? Oh, and since you mentioned user data, it wouldn’t hurt to check and see if privacy rules are causing the issue, specifically this rule.

If those things don’t help, you should consider posting some screenshots so we can get a better idea of what you are trying to do and what your setup looks like.


In the attached image, what are you looking to do?


Olá , estou tentando fazer aparecer o grupo repetidor que usa como current cell user

Olá, sim meu grupo repetidor tem uma fonte de dados, inclusive no banco de dados mostra todos os usuários, eu li no link que me mandou sobre a privacidade, testei algumas combinações, mas não deu certo.

Did you try removing all of the privacy rules on the User data type just to see if the data shows up?

I’ll try to describe how I do it here: I add the repeater group on the screen and link the table to which I want, in this example: create the table tb_teste, containing: Name and Photo.
Within the repeater group, you need to add an element as it is called an image type and a text type. When adjusting the position of the text element for example the repeater group line will turn red. With this, you will have the repetition of the component. If the data still does not appear, it is because the data source was missing in the repeater group. And yes it happens that you drag and generate the parent group, which can also be used but it changes some settings.
Follows two images to show how it is, one is the connection of the repeat group with two connections and the other is the image that shows the red line in the repeat group where all the data from your table linked in the first step will be displayed. I don’t know if I was clear, but I have doubts.


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