Prefilled form should create or update fields

I have a form where a customer can sign in and fill out the form. I have added a “Save and Continue” button on the bottom. When the customer clicks on this button it will create the thing.

Now users can log out and come back to the form to continue filling it out. When they do come back the form is prefilled with the information they already saved.

If they do make changes to the data how can I update the information. The “Save and Continue” button is for creating. How can I tell the system to create if it was blank but to update if there already was a data saved for some fields.

There are several ways, but the one I use most often is to create a “Draft” form entry when the user is adding a “new” entry.

Then I can use autobinding on the page, so that add/update is the same element.

When they “Save” I update the “Draft” to “Live” status.

This means that, if needed, you can say to a User “Hey, do you want to continue where you left off” if there are “Draft” forms that they created (and maybe navigated away).

But if not you can always delete them (or just leave them for analysis).

@NigelG Can you elaborate how to make draft and how to change status from draft to live? Any video or example please…