A form to store information, not 'submit' it

Most forms are a submission of data into a database and then the form clears, waiting for another submission.

I’m trying to find a way where I can basically create a normally looking form with all the usual field types, but when the user ‘submits’ the form, it send it to the database for storage, but the fields themselves don’t become blank. Instead the data is held within the forms and the user can return to edit this data later which will then edit the corresponding data being held in the database.

It’s a bit like an address field where some websites ask you amend the form where the address is already pre-filled in the fields and when you ‘submit it’ a popup saying it has been saved appears and this reflects in the form, with the new edit.

How an I achieve this?

If I understand correctly, you want the user to be able to see what he or she has put before?
Would initial content work ?
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Yes exactly, to see what they put before, and amend it, and save the form so when they return to it, they say what they updated it to in their most recent edit.

Haven’t tried initial content, can try that if that what its purpose is.


You are looking for something which can be seen days after, for example. It’s that ?
Can’t you put a dynamic content into the input (on placeholder) ?

Hey there @JS7319,

You can use auto-binding too

Where can I find more information on using auto-binding?

@ecomerss Yes, the content should remain there indefinitely.

I’m wondering, if the user resubmits the data, it is possible for the data to create a new entry with a new date and time, the data of which is then accessible to the user via another data view.


That is precisely the purpose of initial content :+1:t2:

I am curious about auto-binding too. :slight_smile:

I think it is possible to have a new entry. You can think about it as a discussion room (and, yes, in the place of the initial content).

Is there a difference between initial content and auto-binding?

My understanding is that autobinding saves the data as the user is editing it, and keeps it there. Initial content is me as the admin entering initial data, maybe as an instruction to the field before the logged in user enter their data.

Autobinding found here : Saving Data - Bubble Docs
(If someone come throught here.)

@JS7319 I understand the same thing about the difference between both of this tools.
I hope you’ve found the one you need!

@ecomerss @JS7319

Think of “initial content” as the actual value of the input.

Autobinding is the ability to change the value of a field (of the input’s parent thing) directly to the dB from the page without a workflow.