Prepopulate Form without triggering required-field Error?

I have an input form that gets dnyamically pre-populated when being viewed for an existing database record that needs editing.

The preopulating works and shows the right values, BUT the form still thinks each field is incomplete and makes me manually click each required field in order to submit the form.

Does anyone know how to get around this while still having required fields? Basically the form needs to recognize that prepopulation as having satisfied the required field validation on the form.

How are you pre-populating the data in the inputs? (maybe some screenshots would help…)

I should clarify, it’s just on dropdowns. I’m using the dynamic placeholder field.

As I suspected…

The placeholder is the wrong thing to be using here (placeholders don’t hold actual values, which is why your workflows are not running as the dropdown’s value is actually empty).

The placeholder should usually be thought of more as a instruction to the user when no option has been selected - such as ‘Please select an option…’ etc. (although they can be dynamic).

For what you’re doing here you need to set the ‘Default Value’ instead.

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