Prevent rejection. + BDK. 14 tips + 6-steps IOS/Android app development workflow is for web apps. Use Adalo. It will be slow/low-quality and rejected by Apple…
Have you ever faced similar objections? I also had doubts earlier… But everything changed after I saw the result.

It was hard. Bug fixing and polishing took a lot of time. But it was just the beginning. Apple rejected the app 2 times. It was annoying, but not fatal.

I didn’t want to make content on this topic, because initially it sounded simple:

  1. Create web app in
  2. Convert it into Android/IOS app using BDK Native or XCode or any other method.
  3. Send for review and become published on App Store & Play Store.

I wish it was that easy. After months of development I got a lot of unique experience that should be useful and interesting compared to general info about theme on the forum/youtube.

Enjoy: 6-step development workflow to publish app & 14 tips that can help to prevent rejection. This is not an ultimate guide, but a directory of my experience that I got with this crazy mobile app development journey.

I will be happy to hear your feedback & questions. I am not pretty sure whether long video will be a comfortable way to learn(btw, added detailed time-codes on Youtube), plan to write Medium post.


Hello guys.

It’s been a while since the video publication.

I know that sound and speech are mediocre, in comparison to the content itself, ha-ha :sweat_smile:

I decided to summarize the main points in an article: 15 Takeaways After Our Mobile App Was Rejected 2 Times upon Apple Review.

Please let me know if you have questions about my experience publishing to App/Play Stores.

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