Prevent screen recording

Hello, I’m building a video streaming platform that I’d like to prevent screen recording. is it possible to build it all on bubble?


Unfortunately it’s not possible on any platform or stack. There are always work-arounds.

What are others doing to prevent screen recordings? I think Netflix sends the data in a different format so you can’t just download the files.

I just want to implement a one/two layer security (Native screen recording, certain keyboard keys/patterns, etc) then it will be possible but a bit harder

I’m concerned about whether you can “know” opened applications from a web app generally and specifically from Bubble webapp? or would you need a desktop app for that?

Thanks for your message, I really appreciate your help.

It”s impossible to block it. Your user may be using any recording screen software and your App will never know.

Idk. Netflix and Udemy seem to be able to block this action dont they? When I use more than 1 external monitor Udemy seems to think I Am screen recording and blacks out the video.

Netflix did similar stuff I thought but maybe I’m over here going crazy.

Hey @jared.gibb :wave:

If you are using softwares like Camtasia Studio to record your screen, how Udemy or Netflix will know? Did you already tryed? I know that with Apps like Netflix in my iPhone it’s not possible. But with online websites?! :thinking:

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