Prevent User From Clicking Next Before Image Uploads


Wonder if somebody could help.

I have a problem were the user has a checklist. This is a series of yes and no’s and the user can upload a picture against a checklist item ie. to show the fault. Once they have checked this they go to the next item. If they click next before the picture is saved the picture is not uploaded. Is there an option to say will the picture is being uploaded prevent the user from clicking on the next option.


All inputs have a “this input should be checked / should not be empty” option.

If your “Next” button is connected to a workflow that references the input (checkbox), the button will be rendered “not clickable” until it is resolved.

If it isn’t connected to a workflow, you can place a conditional statement on the “Next” button that says “When checkbox X isn’t check”, this button isn’t clickable.

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Thanks @dan1.

Only problem is the picture upload is optional so may not necessarily have a value. In some instances it may be right for it to be empty.


@jmartland22 heres how i would do it

You can set a default image and user can optionally change it :wink:

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@anon65040322’s approach is a good additional way to go (temporarily disabling a button using a state in conjunction with some conditional logic).

Thanks everyone for the help it’s much appreciated. @anon65040322 approach sounds perfect. Will try later.

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