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Waiting for picture upload to be fully loaded?

Hi everyone and thanks in advance:
How can we create a condition on the fact that the picture uploaded (via Picture Uploader) is FULLY uploaded???

Say I have a profile picture to change, and a button to save the new info. Quite often, when the Save button is clicked, if the file is big or the network is slow, it doesn’t save the profile picture. yet there is no error message.
Possibly a quick answer to a problem I’ve tried solving for a long time.

Also: Say I want to post a comment, and, if I want, a picture with it, on some kind of social network.
I have my input for the text and a Picture Uploader with a static pic like that
upload pic
And a send button that does save the inputs as new comment with pic.
How can I set it so that bubble understands that the static pic is only there to guide the user, but should not be considered as an actual picture to add to the comment?
thanks a million time

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Hey @thomjj :wave:

I used to struggle with that too. I’m sure there are a couple of ways to solve this.

Do you have your image as the dynamic data of the image uploader?

I would suggest using your image as the background image instead of the dynamic data. Then, when you make this a required field, it won’t proceed unless the file is uploaded completely.

Is that what you were looking to do?

Here is an example for you to look at:

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Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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what you could do is that your “save” button isn’t clickable as long as the picture / file is loading.
Here is a nice example I just built. As long as the file is uploading the Button has a different background color and isn’t clickable. This way, the user understands that he needs to wait and there can’t be an error in not saving the picture correctly.

Hope that helps.

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Top. thanks a lot! that was right under my nose.

Glad it helped :wink:

Thanks a million time. The trick of the background pic worked perfectly!
thank you both for your time and answers

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No problem. Glad that helped! :blush: