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Preview app really slow

Hey guys,
I have finished my first little web app that is a little bit complex (not too complex though, it just has a few objects)

When I click on preview and try to play around with it, it takes a while to load the popups, or redirect after clicking a button or something.

Is that normal when doing a preview? What can I do to fasten things up?!

Hmm no one?

I’m not seeing any issues with my preview. There all sorts of variables that can affect performance, tough to diagnose without a link. If you share the link, we can try it out on other computers/connections to see how it behaves.

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It’s kinda complicated, has a lot of events in it (a lot of clickable things for instance) :confused:

ANd I have like one or two “Do every 5 seconds” loops…

The time to load up my site and clicking on a button (to do an action) takes quite a bit of time :sweat:

If you don’t provide a link you’ll always have a harder time getting responses.

In general though, the more events you have, especially repeating ones, the slower the page is. And repeating events are usually not necessary as Bubble updates data in real time.


Like potential said, there’s no way for us to help without a frame of reference.

It could be a lot of different things, or nothing at all.

It’s understandable if you’re unwilling to share a link to your editor, however without one the best help anyone can give is to check your internet settings and try to think of less complex ways of to achieve whatever it is you’re aiming for.

I had a feature which ran like this
“Do every 5 Second” > Show Shape X + Text within that shape > Do an effect for both SHape and Text > then wait a few seconds > make both disappear"

I should probably start with a “group” instead of a shape and elements in it?

I am going to try different things, I need some sort of notification that shows a small shape/screen on the bottom of the site popping up and disappearing eveyr few seconds (and doing it wiht effects when showing and disappearing)#

It has definitely to do with my feature -> appearing and disappearing an object every 5 seconds (Do every 5 seconds: Show object - Add a pause before action - Hide Object

The Add A Pause Before Action is what is causing the whole page to actually pause. I just want some kind of delay before having my object disappearing again without causing the whole page to pause lol

How can I achieve that without making my site really really slow? I need an object (notification box) to appear and disappear every 5 seconds

Why don’t you fire up Chrome developer tools and do a network profile, it will tell you were anything slow is running, or might give you a few pointers…

You can do all sorts in the dev view, including javascript profiling, network profiling, capture screenshots as the page loads at the different timestamps etc. etc.

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Run a timer event that sets a custom state value every second, do a condition when true event that sets another state to 1 at 5seconds and another condition that triggers at 10 to reset back to 0 and set the second state to a 0. Use a condition on the group to be visible or not depending on the second state being a 1 or a 0.

Obviously adjust your actual timers to your requirements.

As you are running simple javascript timers, there will be very little overhead.

If you find you need to use any sort of blocking or ‘pause’ then you probably need to rethink your design. :slight_smile:

Hi dave, thanks for your reply.
I am currently looking for the tools to figure out the speed as I’m not using google chrome. I am using opera, maybe there are extensions that can do the same? I don’t know

I changed the time thing / made it a lot simpler (I took out the delay basically) and it helped a lot.

However, the time to load up the entire site is like more than 4-5 seconds which leads to higher rates of people leaving my site. I have this issue with other bubble generated apps as well (even tho they are just dummy apps and have pretty much no features and very very little design).

FaceBook for instance loads much faster in direct comparison. What can I do?

So it’s not likely an issue with bubble.

Bubble is a little bloated but definitely not unreasonably so.

I’d look up general website optimization, but off the top of my head 2 culprits could be 1. Full-sized images/not optimized images 2. Lots of different fonts.

Try running your site through Google Page Insights. Some of the stuff you can’t do much about, but much of it you should be able to optimize.

Do you know of any good resources to learn how to use some of the information Page Insights gives?

Got this result and am unsure of next steps to remedy this

On my tablet it takes around 8 seconds (!) to load up the entire site.

I did the google speed test and it says it’s OK or something and I’d need to something with the HTML encryption (?) and images!

I am using a few images but they are not even that big and just like 7 images on the entire page.
Having severe issues with the bounce rate for mobile users :disappointed:

I even seem to have that problem with the pre-made template of bubble.
If you create a new app, there is the start screen. Even when trying to load that one up, it takes a bit. Like several seconds easily whereas other pages are faster (as some kind of refernce to compare the loading speed).

This user gf_wolfer seems to have the same issues with the speed…

@gf_wolfer Those two warnings are fine - basically it’s testing what’s “above the fold” or, what’s immediately visible when someone lands on your webpage. It’s saying that instead of pulling in a separate file for css/js, if you can insert it directly into the html, do that.

It knocks off an arbitrary amount of points, which are quite high, for those two warnings. Bubble uses best in industry servers though, so in reality, requesting and loading those two files doesn’t take long at all. Again, don’t worry about it.

@lisabuchberger1 Where are you located? Also, bounce rate just means people aren’t clicking through to other pages on your app. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are leaving your site before anything is loaded.

Have you run all your images through an image optimization? Do a google search for your image file type (png, gif, jpeg etc) and optimization. There’s tons of tools you can run them through and get those file sizes down.

What do you mean “other pages are faster” - in Bubble? Other places on the internet?

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hey skyler,
No I haven’t been running the images through an image optimization tool - need to google a bit about that.

I am having the problems with normal bubble pages as well, like the normal template when creating a new project!

Is there a workaround with paglets or sth (like fb does)?

Another important question: Is it possible to have some sort of “Page is loading” screen right before the page actually loads?

For me to troubleshoot your problem I need more information, specifically the questions I asked in my previous post

Well I responded. I am based in Germany, I haven’t optimized the pictures yet as I don’t think it would make such a huge difference (the images are small themselves in pixels and the normal template of bubble loads a bit slow itself). Compared to other sites that have php, sql and some heavy designs themselves (non-bubble, just plain html, css, sql, php coded).

Thats why I was asking for > “Is it possible to have some sort of “Page is loading” screen right before the page actually loads?”