Preview is different than live and I can't edit it

Live version is diffrent than preview version. I need to edit some text, but when I go to the editor it doesn’t ever appear. Do you know how I can fix this? Here are some screenshoots:

Preview (what I need to change)

Editor (It doesn’t appear)


When you click Preview are you doing it from this view from Bubble?

Yes, I clicked “Preview” from that view. The preview is different and is the one I need to edit

Seems like you have some hidden elements.

Looks like, in your editor, you are seeing 1 row of a repeating group, which is pulling its data from an Option Set.

You should be able to find this option set by going to Data tab, and then Option Sets across the top. You should have an option set called FAQ_landing that has the list of FAQs.

It was this!
Thank you very much!!!

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