Preview not loading

I was working on my project for some time, then I pressed ‘preview’ and it responded with:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)”, and it showed the “Oh no! We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now” message. I have tried another project and it works. seems fine, except from a partial outage, and I don’t think it was that because it worked a few minutes before.

What’s wrong?

@biran4454 Please email a link to your app and our team will investigate

Ok, thanks.

Having the same problem, my main app is showing the “Oh no!” message when I hit preview. Going to the URL of the app directly seems to be working both in Dev and Live.

Another app is working fine with the preview button.

I have emailed already with a link to the app, appreciate a response from @neerja thanks

UPDATE: it is working now.

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