Preview routing to 404

I just assigned my domain name to my app, although I am not ready to publish the live version as yet (just thought I would get it done).

Now, when I press ‘Preview’ from any page, it takes me to the 404 page. I obviously still want to preview so I can continue to test before it goes live.

Can anyone help out with this?


are you referring to the preview in the editor? if so it should still work fine even when you attach your domain. Can you provide a link to where the preview button is taking you?

Hi Ali,

It seems to work fine when I am using my mobile (it directs to my domain and shows the site - even though it is not yet live, which is what I want). But from desktop it sends me to:

And displays the 404 page.

Ya same for me. Try creating a new page by duplicating this one; if that work then delete the old one!

I’ve actually copied the link from the mobile and entered that, and it’s working, so hopefully I will be able to work around for all pages (at least).

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

Did you ever figure out why you were having this problem? I am having the same issue. Thanks