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Preview without logging in all the time

I am working on my mobile app and every time I do preview changes I need to login to my app as a user again. Is there a way to access user pages and staying logged in?

Hey @rico :slight_smile: Do you have “stay logged in” = yes in the login workflow? Or are you logging in using the data tab using “run as”?

Thank you Faye,

yes, I have stay logged in selected with yes and I go to my app by clicking “preview” in the designer header

No problem! :slight_smile: I had some trouble with this before, and can’t remember exactly what ‘fixed’ it. Can you share a link to the app editor (and temporarily set the app to public)?

This one ok? - I have it set to public

The App is the page “m”

Its the orange sign in workflow

@fayewatson I have just set it to remember the email, this will work for now as I only need to type the password which is easy. thank you for putting me on the right track.

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think the other sign up may be interfering (I think this is what had happened in my app before!). For the “stay logged in” in the reusable element, even though it’s not being used it is:

I would try changing “stay logged in” to “yes” instead of the checkbox value (even though there isn’t an error with that; I think it interferes). Then try signing in as you did with the other signup form, close the browser, and (hopefully!) it should keep your account logged in. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t seem to help, it doesn’t remember the email either.

Do you have a username and password I can test with? (Can PM if you prefer)

You may have turned on the Run Protection mode.

see the video in this link