Sign up/Login work flow blues

I’ve spend many hours trying to get the workflows correct for Signup/Login. I’ve used a Component as there wasn’t the option for a reusable Signup/Login popup from the pages menu. The training videos show how to create a reusable Signup/Longin option but that doesn’t exist on my dashboard.
The Signup/Login Component doesn’t convert into a reusable element and when I test the tool in preview the programme keeps asking me to put in an email address which I have already done.
Is anyone else having this problem?
I’d be SOOO grateful for some help.

It’s a bit hard to offer any help without knowing what you’ve done…

So feel free to share a link to your editor, or at the very least some screenshots…

Hi Adam,

Thanks for responding. How do I share a link to the editor, I’m very new to Bubble? Here are some screenshots:

Does that help?

Many thanks,


Just go to settings in your app then to general then change your application rights from “private app” to “everyone can view” and just send the link to the editor (just copy the url of the editor that you are looking at). Also here is a video on the signup/login components that might help but we really can’t debug anything without seeing your editor.

Hi Adam,

Thanks so much again for your help. I tried following the instructions but when I went to hide Group Sign up, there was no option for selecting this in the dropdown list. The closest is Button Sign up (Group Focus).

If I then go to to show the next element, there is no option on the dropdown for Pop up Sign up /Login.

I also cannot see the Group Login and Group Sign up in the side bar when in the Design tab.

I’ve now removed the privacy setting the link to the page is below.

Thank you again for this assistance. It’s business critical that I can get this working.


Hi Adam,
I’m definitely getting somewhere now, but there are still a few issues:

  • When testing in preview mode, I complete the form but it stays on the page and doesn’t Sign me in
  • The Login and Signup both show when I click the Login button too but if I do this twice only the Login page comes up.
  • ‘Already have an account’ doesn’t take me to the Login page and I can’t find the workflow.
  • Clicking the ‘Forgotten Password’ takes the user to the Index and I cannot find a workflow to change this.

I created another page to test a new version, this is the link (Registration 2):
Digital MSK | Bubble Editor

Thanks again,


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