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Price comparing App

I’m looking to develop an app that compares the prices of the products from multiple sites, could I do it using bubble ?

Short answer. Yes :grinning:

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@cmarchan what would you recommend to use for the scraping part? Since scraping at scale etc is not the most straight forward. Have you tried any good nocode scraping tools that can integrate well with Bubble?

Hi @anthony.hull !

I have not tried but heard of Cheatlayer who is running a lifetime deal in Appsumo:

Thanks yes I did see this! It looks quite cool but a bit gimmicky to write code with speaking. I guess I am quite sceptical :slight_smile:

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Hi @arumizan ! :wave::slightly_smiling_face: Yes, you can develop such app that compares the prices of the products from multiple web sites. We can suggest you Any Page Parsing plugin for that - it is great for scraping content from websites and breaking it down to structured data. It’s an amazing tool for marketing, analytics, research and many other use cases. For example you can easily analyze competitor stats, monitor prices, user reviews, certain types of updates etc.

Please take a look at this plugin and let us know in case further questions arise :wink:

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hi there, does this plugin support server side actions? I would like to make an app that lets users monitor competitor prices from various vendors.