Pricing model - thoughts and comments


I am in the process of building my app, and throughout the research stage I kept asking myself the big question of “should this be paid or not?”. So… I figured why not turn to the Bubble community and get your thoughts.

I am torn between creating an app and making it 100% free forever, in hopes - fingers crossed - it will generate a lot of interest and maybe get acquired. OR… making a portion of it free, and then charging a small monthly fee like $5/month for Unlimited everything & unlocks everything on the app.

Let me know your thoughts!!

Hi there, @nazostro… it might help if you could share some info about what your app does, but regardless, I am a fan of the small monthly fee model. I mean, your app solves a problem for a target market, right? So, in theory, you should be able to get some percentage of the users in that market to pay the monthly fee, and at that point, you have accomplished something that very few folks ever accomplish.

Getting paying users is no walk in the park, of course, but it is a much more attainable goal (in my opinion) than going for the moon shot of generating so much interest in your free app that someone wants to acquire it. Heck, if you want to garner some interest from investors, get some monthly recurring revenue and watch what happens. I’m not saying they will be lining up at your doorstep, but the saying “money talks” is a saying for a reason.

Anyway, just one person’s opinion there, and I wish you the best of luck with your app.



Hey @mikeloc! I appreciate the insight! My app is within the HR world of HRIS and ATS platforms :slight_smile: I come from a background of HR so figured why not make my life easier with Bubble haha.

And I agree with you in the sense that getting a handful of paid customers would be easier than generating an absurd amount of interest to get acquired!

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B2B, make it paid if you really solve a problem. If you do, you will get paid.

B2C, make something users will love and love so much that they would be willing to pay. Do not forget that acquiring users cost money and that often no more than 5% are willing to pay for a freemium service

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Would love to take a look at it! Can you share the URL??? :smiley:

@mikeloc sorry to bother you again! Got another idea that came to mind in terms of a pricing model. There’s a website I use often called Convertio ( and you are able to convert tons of different kinds of file types. I noticed that it’s free, but then to create an account you must pay a monthly fee.

What are your thoughts on a payment structure that allows free usage on the Index page, but if you want more, you are forced to pay $5/month - with no trial period

Well, I guess it depends on what is on your index page and what free usage actually means. But, in general, it makes sense to me to give folks a taste on the index page if you can in the hopes that it makes them want to convert to paying users.