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I’ve been reading the pricing structure and it doens’t really make sense. I wonder if you could assist me?

I would like to build an app for my job to manage employee training but I’d also lilke to build other apps to manage employees employment.

The question I have is, if I build an app, how does it work in terms of the number of users, is there restructions where I have to upgrade?

e.g if my app has 5 users but 550 records (550 employees) do I just need to pay the subscription for the 5 users?

I’m struggling to understand what is required. I don’t want to build an app then it will cost a small fortune to run on a monthly basis.


You pay for the app, not users or usage. There is no “price-per-seat” charge.

I think most ideas can be validated on the personal plan and then scale up as needed. Have you read through the pricing page?

Yes, I’ve had a read but it didn’t really make much sense to be honest.

You could make 1 app on 1 personal plan “Employee training” ~ 25$/month - this can deal with any number of employees. (within reason - 100’s of employees is unlikely to be a problem)

You could make another app to deal with employment - eg another $25/month - but probably what you would be better doing is making a “module” within the first app that is the “employment” module - alongside your “training” module.

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Thank you for your reply Lindsay.

Yes, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for your help.

Thank you so much for sharing. Glad to get it here. LOL!