Pricing plan & Other quarry

I am new to Bubble.
I have 15 employee out of that 4 peoples are working in office and 11 working in the fields (different sites).Its a construction cum service type company in India.

I want to track their everyday Work, Expenses , and create Inventory of materials.

I have two question :slight_smile:

  1. Which plan will be best for me. (I think there will be max 20K rows of data every year)

  2. If I make the employee Expenses tracing app now and try to develop Invoicing and Inventory app in the near future as because I have started learning Bubble and I think it will take time to complete the app.
    In that case whether it will be it will be treated as a single app.

Thanks in advance.


Start with the personal plan and grow from there. You can always adjust as you grow.

@rico.trevisan Thanks for your suggestion,
I am concentrating to build the part of the app and later I will add the rest. thanks again.

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